Jornadas Mundial da Joventude / Portugal

JMJ - Jornadas Mundial da Joventude 


Early August 2023, the “Jornadas Mundial da Joventude “( World Youth Day),

are going to be celebrated in Lisbon, will be led by His His Holiness Pope Francis.I.


The event will be hosted in the “Recinto do Parque Tejo – Trencâo”, next to the facilities of the PARQUE DAS NACOES in Lisbon.


Among the construction actions to host this act, the spectacular altar-stage stands out with its Space frame structure.


This structure has been manufactured and installed by ONDDI, for the Portuguese construction company Mota Engil, and according to the design of the prestigious engineer Tiago Abecásis, from the engineering studio TAL Projecto, from Lisbon.


This structure is composed of a Space frame structure, whose geometry is curved and undulating, covering the entire floor of the stage.


The wavy geometry places the main wave of the longitudinal axis in the center of the stage, descending towards both opposite ends in a wavy and asymmetrical way, up to the level of the stage floor. The whole structure is supported by a main inverted pyramids made up with same system, and simple supports to column in the  backdrop flank of the rear stage, also at its two ends as mentioned above.


The altar- stage area is covered with a fixed conventional enclosure, while part of the rest of the surface is completed with tensile fabric in between the two layers of the space frame structure, upper and lower of each module, forming a hyperbolic paraboloid per module in most of the surface, obtaining a partial shading of most of the surface of the stage.